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{30 Day Challenge} Day 1 - Jongho


I’m going to be doing my second 30 day drabble challenge because Masterminds is taking up half of my writing time and I need to write other pairings or I’ll possibly go insane. And I won’t be doing titles because I’m lazy and not creative enough OTL


(In which a new couple continues to dance around each other.)

Minho doesn’t consider himself to be a shy guy.

Sure, he’s quiet at first and a little cold towards strangers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he can’t be soft, affectionate, and down to earth. When it comes to his family and closest friends, he’s willing to do anything for them to the point of sacrificing his own life.

He’s very dedicated towards the people he loves. He knows he’s capable of giving his all for them.

But one thing he doesn’t understand is why he can’t muster up the courage to hold his boyfriend’s hand.

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